Joyería Flor de la Vida

A partir de $1000 en compras recibe un regalo especial  . Adicionalmente por compras superiores a $1500 recibes 5% de descuento
Showroom de la Joyería:
Quito, Titanium II
Catalina Aldaz y Portugal
+593 99 517 8167
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We design each piece of jewelry to becomes unique and special that’s why we use natural unique gems that carries with it our goal and our commitment to support entrepreneurship and children and vocational education in the mining communities and their surroundings.

We seek to make the difference.


One of the aspects that stands out in our pieces is our sustainable sourcing of gems and metals. Our work accompanies and goes hand in hand with organizations that care about the well-being and progress of mining communities, among them and mainly with «Gem Legacy» who seeks to empower and improve the quality of life of these communities, through children education, support for entrepreneurs and vocational education for local gem cutters. We seek to make the difference.


Caring for mining communities

The enchantment of our gems does not only lie in their natural purity, but in the story of their origin. These gems come mostly from artisan miners and we purchase as close to the source as possible to help ensure that the gems are not compromised by any local conflict or by detrimental economic interests to the mining communities.


Recycled Precious Metals

We use recycled and refined gold almost entirely for the production of our pieces. We believe that this is the most suitable way to contribute to the non-intervention or exploitation of new mines.



All our packaging goes hand in hand with caring for the environment, nature, and local economies. We use recyclable and renewable packaging as much as possible. The wood used in our boxes comes from renewable tropical Amazonian Silvicuture in Ecuador. The packaging is also recyclable and handmade, thus benefiting local artisans.

Our dedication to giving

Donating 5% of net profits to help build a brighter future in mining communities and in the communities we operate